Who we are ?

Nolivade was created by veterinarians – visionaries – who thought it was better to restore or implement balanced bacteria ecosystems on farms by means of beneficial bacteria rather than trying to destroy the microflora. This is the definition of biocontrol.

The Avril Group

A start-up within the Avril Specialities Animal sector in the Avril Group in 2014, Nolivade now benefits from the expertise of the Group in order to accelerate its development.


Nolivade :

  • owns specific bacteria strains, specially selected for their combined effects
  • ferments and monitors the products in its own laboratories
  • has developed the essential services for the right application of the  products in the field, as closely as possible to the distributors

Nolivade products are part of the sustainable agriculture concept.

Commitments and values

Nolivade holds completely to the values of the Avril Group: Respect / Daring / Performance for sustainable and therefore technically and economically high-performance agriculture.

Fields of expertise

Biocontrol in animals and plants is a scientifically acknowledged alternative to the preventive use of chemical products and antibiotics. Biocontrol is one of the major tools we have to respond to the challenge of feeding the planet while respecting the environment and health. Under no circumstances can Nolivade products replace medical products for animal care.
Nolivade is a supplier of innovative solutions in “Business to Business” professional networks.

We work under co-development in partnership with our clients, products, application techniques, and efficiency measuring tools in the field.
Co-Marketing, the customized training of your technical and commercial teams will enable you to get the best commercial results from our solutions.