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Nolivade, a French company, produces and markets biocontrol solutions (products and services) using microorganisms for livestock farming that promotes Sustainable Health Management and improves animal welfare.

Biocontrol for livestock farming offers a different type of solution than chemical or pharmaceutical products.  It is one of the major tools we can use to meet the challenge of feeding our planet while respecting the environment and health of animals and farmers.

Nolivade, a pioneer in biocontrol

Nolivade seeks to promote balance in microbial ecosystems, based on a more sustainable approach than the use of certain chemicals. The selected living bacteria can influence microbial populations by promoting the development of positive bacteria.

About nolivade

The Nolivade flora

As they develop, Nolivade flora occupy the environment. They positively influence microbial activity in the environment where they develop, thus creating a new ecosystem.

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