Microflora” – a new field of expertise for the Avril Group with NOLIVADE:

Les « flores »

With proven knowledge of livestock farming and processes in its animal hub, the Avril Group has acquired Nolivade, a start-up that develops, produces and markets beneficial bacterial microflora barriers for farms.

Innovative and sustainable development

By entering the domain of microflora, the Avril group has reaffirmed its ambition to be the leader, in line with its strategic innovation plan. In effect, Nolivade provides alternative solutions by contributing to the reduced use of antibiotics in livestock breeding. This acquisition further defines the Avril Group’s powerful ambition: to contribute to the better nourishment of people and preserving the planet.

Cross expertise

Nolivade has joined the field of biosecurity and nutritional specialities of Avril, together with MiXscience and Theseo, thereby benefiting from the expertise of the whole Avril Group, ideal for developing the universe of micro-organisms for animals.

“Nolivade opens up a new field of research and development, both in France and in other countries; research into alternatives to the use of antibiotics is from this point on a worldwide trend in society”, says Michel Layus, General Director of Nolivade.