Nolivade’s production laboratories include

  • cryobanks from our own strains
  • fermentation tools
  • means of control

Production is backed up by AVRIL = OLEON NOVANCE internal expertise

Oleon Novance

R&D Innovation

  • Selection of bacteria strains
  • Preparation of combination of strains
  • Efficiency measurements of these combinations in vitro and in vivo
  • Research into new galenics
  • Preparation of application protocols in breeding

This research is carried out with the support of:

  • Internal competences at the AVRIL Group (MiXscience)
  • Domestic and international external laboratories

Technical and commercial support

  • Nolivade closely works with the distributors:
  • Technical and commercial support
  • Co-development of application protocols
  • Commercial support = meetings with farmers, workshops in the field, training of sales teams
  • Customized Marketing Support = strategies, sales support, news, press releases.

Fields of activity

Nolivade’s fields of activity are as follows:

  • Animal production
  • Environment