Innovation for sustainable production

Nolivade creates and restores positive ecosystems by implanting beneficial bacteria.

Micro-organisms – tools for biocontrol

Alternative solutions that help reduce the use of antibiotics.

Specialist in microfloral barriers

Nolivade develops expertise in animal production and biosecurity.

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Les « flores »

With proven knowledge of livestock farming and processes in its animal hub, the Avril Group has acquired Nolivade, a start-up that develops, produces and markets beneficial bacterial microflora barriers for farms.

Innovative and…

Complementing cleaning and disinfection, the application of Nolivade microflora in the animal environment enables the implantation of a positive biofilm which favourably orients microbe ecology. Furthermore, Nolivade beneficial bacteria limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria by competitive exclusion. “Find out more”

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Dans le domaine du compostage en élevage, l’apport des flores Nolivade permet d’activer plus rapidement le processus de compostage en apportant des bactéries d’intérêt supplémentaire.

En effet, les Bacillus sécrètent des enzymes qui favorisent la dégradation de la matière organique.

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Nolivade: Producing better

Used on farms, Nolivade microflora are authentic tools for biocontrol, which contribute to reducing the use of antibiotics and also respond to a powerful technical and social requirement.

These alternative solutions contribute to the control of farm microflora by competitive exclusion of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

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